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I have a form called ProductFamily. It has a field called ProductFamilyMBValues which is a list of strings.

I've got a response document using a form called Item, which is always a response of a document using the above form.

The Item form has a dialoglist field ItemMakeBuy that has the validation formula @If(@Length(ItemMakeBuy) = 0;@Failure("You must choose a Make or Buy value");@Success)

The choices for that field is a formula: @IfError(@GetDocField($ref;"ProductFamilyMBValues");"?").

My problem is that when i create a new Item document the choices for the ItemMakeBuy field aren't populated, seemingly because until the document is saved the $ref field isn't populated. However, i can't save it because of my validation formula, requiring a value to be entered.

How can i get around this issue? Ideally i want to keep the validation formula for the field.

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When creating the response, do you copy any other fields from the parent? If you copy the UniversalID to the response you can use that until the document is saved. If combined with a @IsNewDoc in the formula, the moment the document is saved it can point to the $REF.

Or something like this: @IfError(@GetDocField($ref;"ProductFamilyMBValues");@GetDocField(ParentUNIDField;"ProductFamilyMBValues"))

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What do you mean by 'copy any other fields from the parent'? How would i copy the UNID to the respnose? – George Duckett Oct 5 '11 at 12:46
One way to copy it is the method Ken mentioned in his answer. If you create the response using formula or script I would add it there. – Jasper Duizendstra Oct 5 '11 at 13:00
I'm creating it using a form action with the formula @Command([Compose];"";"Item"), how could i set a field of that newly created document. I'm guessing @SetField would effect the current document. – George Duckett Oct 5 '11 at 13:32
A copy of the universalid in an item on the parent could be used if available. In that case just use a computed-when-composed field on the response with the name of the item on the parent. I am not sure if the universalid can be inherite straight from the parent. Maybe it is easier to program this in lotusscript to maintain the control. – Jasper Duizendstra Oct 5 '11 at 13:40
Thanks for the help! – George Duckett Oct 5 '11 at 13:41

That is a logical way to reference the parent document, but Notes has an alternate way to get at parent field information. In your Item form, go to the form properties and select the option "on create: formulas inherit values from selected document". Then you can create any number of fields in the Item form and use a computed field formula referencing the field name from the ProductFamily form, and those values will get passed in. In your case, you could just pass the ProductFamilyMBValues field to the response doc.

Here is more information on that subject from the docs.

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I understand that i can use formulas inherit values from selected document, however, i want the values to be updated if the parent document values changes (without having to add extra code if i can). I also don't want all the parent's fields polluting the response form. – George Duckett Oct 5 '11 at 12:45
Makes sense. A combination of using this method to get the parentUNID over to the response doc, and then using that in your formula to retrieve the values via @GetDocField, should do the trick. – Ken Pespisa Oct 5 '11 at 14:54

You can use the function @InheritedDocumentUniqueID to get the parent doc id when creating a new doc.

In your case the formula for the choices would be : @IfError(@GetDocField(@InheritedDocumentUniqueID;"ProductFamilyMBValues");"?")

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