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im creating a 2 level jquery menu that when a list element is hovered upon a div is shown with a name matching the li's rel="divname" value

i have been matching it using the following code


but how do i only access the first level of li's that fall within using this jquery code if i have the following html?

<ul class="Menu" id="mainmenu3">
        <li rel="accounts"><a href="/admin/users">ACCOUNTS</a></li>
        <li rel="analytics"> <a href="/admin/analytics">ANALYTICS</a></li>
        <li rel="tags"><a href="tags">TAGS</a></li>
        <li rel="settings"><a href="/admin/settings">SETTINGS</a></li>
        <li rel="logout"><a href="login/logout">LOGOUT</a> </li>
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You could use the child selector to only target the first level of <li>'s when you bind your mouseover event:

$('#mainmenu3 > li').mouseover(function(){    

Demo of it working.

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However, this will give you the 'rel' attr of the first child only.

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