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I use Eclipse for J2EE programming. In the HTML code, we can use the JSF (or any other) namespaces using the xmlns attribute. Once you specify a namespace using the xmlns attribute, say xmlns:f="...", and when you type <f: you automatically get the tags under the f namespace.

I want to define my own namespace with a list of tags and attributes for every tag.

How do I define it?

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If it's just the namespace, all you need to do is pick a URL that is guaranteed to be unique and use it as your namespace. A common convention is to use a URL under a domain you own, e.g.

The namespace by itself doesn't say anything about the document structure though; for that, you need to write a DTD or XSD and link your document to it.

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You don't have to pick a URL. Any URI will do, so another common convention is to use a URN. –  Peter Taylor Oct 5 '11 at 8:06

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