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Just learning Flash (using version CS5) as part of a course and making my own buttons which is going ok. Problem is, I can make buttons with behaviours using the default custom libraries option using their buttons, yet when I try to make my own I just get the frames timeline (after I make the button a symbol and try to edit it in edit mode) Frames timeline shows, instead of up, over, down and hit - which does show with the default library button. I have also tried to reset my workstation to 'developer' in case I have somehow hidden the option which works to an extent but I can't get it fully back to the default view.

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When you click "convert to Symbol" (or hit F8), you'll get a pop up screen, the first field is labelled 'Name', just below you will see a dropdown labelled 'Type' that is by default set to MovieClip, change that to Button and there you go!

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No problem, glad to help! The Flash Program interface can be sometimes difficult to work with, patience and don't despair! –  danii Oct 5 '11 at 13:11
Yes, it's very fiddly and lots of people have openly disliked Flash but like you say, perseverance is key. Thanks again Danii!. –  Mike Thornley Oct 5 '11 at 13:16

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