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I have to create an app in iPhone which can generate QRCode for Text,Mail,Map,Photos etc. And can also Decode the QRCode. Has anyboday have idea about its API or example?

Thanks in advance

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Take a look at this thread: –  Jeroen Coupé Oct 5 '11 at 12:42
The posts for encoding and decoding QR code may also give some idea regarding that. –  NAZIK Sep 24 '13 at 8:57

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I usually use QR Code Encoder for QR generation and ZBar for decoding QR (It also works with other code standards)

They are very easy to use.

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I am also looking for both...generation and Reading... Can you please share your code about how to integrate both in a single project...i am getting confused regarding this library and all... –  harshit2811 Feb 24 '12 at 6:17
@ender Does it scan and generate QR Code for images as well? –  Developer Feb 19 '13 at 9:13
@Developer do you mean encoding the image itself? I usually encode the image URL. If you want to encode the image itself, try encoding it to a base64 string first. –  ender Feb 19 '13 at 11:56
@ender No, I mean when I scan the QR code, it should display the image as its displays the textual information. Please let me know if it is unclear to you. And please also let me know if it is possible or not. Thanks :-) –  Developer Feb 19 '13 at 13:17
I know maybe it's too late for answering, but AFAIK you can't do that with those libraries, I think augmented reality would be a better approach for what you need. –  ender Nov 10 '13 at 11:39

Easy solution for encoding is the solution in here:

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