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I am using a Table View, I want when the user click on the row Table reload itself and show the new data on the same Table.

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Did you try [self.tableView reloadData] in the tableViewControllers didSelectCell method? –  huesforalice Oct 5 '11 at 12:55

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That is not what a user would suspect to happen, why not use an UINavigationController and push a new UIViewController on the stack with the new data.

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It's a good option but i want to use only one UIViewController in the application. –  Anshuman Mishra Oct 5 '11 at 13:11
You could still use one UIViewController just another instance of it on the stack. –  rckoenes Oct 5 '11 at 14:05

[self.tableView reloadData];

this code is you want it?

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