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I don't get if is a normal behavior of the Zend Framework or something is wrong...

For example... If I click to a link like this:

        <a href="<?= $this->url(array(
                                 'controller' => 'SubCategory',
                                 'action' => 'index',
                                 'Category__ID' => 4)); ?>">

So the URL ( where it will redirect ) will be: www.mydomain.com/SubCategory/index/Category__ID/4

Does correct...

But now that I'm in the page with this URL: www.mydomain.com/SubCategory/index/Category__ID/4

I click a link like that:

<a href="<?= $this->url(array(
                         'controller' => 'Index',
                         'action' => 'index')); ?>">Home</a>

It will go to the URL: www.mydomain.com/Index/index/Category__ID/4

But why?

Should not be just: www.mydomain.com/Index/index ????

Why he still have the GET parameter?

Is it a normal behavior or something is wrong in my application? And if something is wrong, what can be?

Thanks again...


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possible duplicate of Removing parameters from URL when using Url view helper links – markus Oct 5 '11 at 13:19
It's a normal behavour and your question is a duplicate. – markus Oct 5 '11 at 13:19
I'm sorry... I tried to search for at least 20 minutes but I didn't found the answer... Thanks anyway... :) – Samuele Oct 5 '11 at 13:28
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The answer is simple. After the array with the parameter of the url write this: NULL, TRUE like that

$this->url(array(...), NULL, TRUE);

The True means that the url will be absolute and not relative.

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