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I've built a timeline app, using the graph API to query the posts on a specific facebook page. I use the updated_time of the post to arrange it in order on the timeline.

I got a bug report filed today, because a single post keeps moving to the front of the timeline.

It looks like whenever someone comments on this post, the updated_time is changed. Weirdly, this only seems to be the case for this one wall post. All of the others have their created_time the same as the updated_time as I'd expect. Posted comments on these posts will not "bounce" them to the front of the timeline.

I call the graph API like this:

In the JSON, I get some post items looking like this:

   "created_time": "2011-10-05T11:47:20+0000",
   "updated_time": "2011-10-05T11:47:20+0000",
   "created_time": "2011-10-05T08:12:27+0000",
   "updated_time": "2011-10-05T11:57:35+0000", <--- PROBLEM!
   "created_time": "2011-10-04T12:52:39+0000",
   "updated_time": "2011-10-04T12:52:39+0000",

Is this a bug in the Graph API, or is there something else going on that I don't understand? Is the updated_time calculation different for different types of wall posts (gallery updates, video posts, text, etc)?

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Is this still a bug? – Bearddo Apr 7 '14 at 21:44
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The correct behavior is for updated_time to change each time a comment is added to a post.

However, there is currently a bug in which updated_time gets reset to the value of created_time when the post gets a certain number of comments (seems to be around 30). In your case, it sounds like the other posts probably already have a large number of comments.

This bug has been around for a long time but I'm optimistic that we'll finally see a resolution in the near future thanks to "Operation Developer Love". You can view the bug report and subscribe to updates here:

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Yup, that sounds exactly like the problem... The older posts all have multiple hundreds of comments. I've changed my code to use the created_time instead. Thanks! – NeilD Nov 9 '11 at 14:14

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