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I have a little HTML based Adobe AIR project I'm playing with and I'd like to add an existing SWF to the project. Now, I can see it running via the trace/log messages coming through from the SWF, but I can't seem to call any function within the SWF. I've read that the ExternalInterface function isn't available within the Air container, which looks like the right thing to use if within a browser.

Most of the samples on the Adobe site are all HTML, or all Flex/ActionScript. Has anyone tried to pull these together successfully, either as source, or through compiled SWF?

Many thanks


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Using a compiled swf has sandboxing issues.

Maybe you can make use of LocalConnection? Here is an example.

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Thanks, I never got to try this - I found an answer. See below. – Robbie Apr 20 '09 at 22:11

I guess this article answers pretty completely your question :

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There are comments suggesting that doesn't work with Air 1.5, which is my target. However, I found my solution. See below. – Robbie Apr 20 '09 at 22:08
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This basically was what I needed:

However, my scenario was complicated in that it turns out my SWF had an embedded SWF and I was trying to access a class within the embedded SWF. Once I tried to access a class within the wrapping SWF, it all was rosy.



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