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I have a requirement like this.. In Legal Entity Extension / Business Unit Common Counterparty Maintenance table and where Legal Entity Extension Documentation Level = 1 and SMMP = N then include on report.

In the procedure,i need to add the code now

Inserting into some temp table here                             FROM section20..trade_history TH
    INNER JOIN customer..bus_a_lgle_tree lt ON TH.executingBrokerId = lt.bus_a_id_c AND
               TH.executingBrokerId IS NOT NULL AND lt.lgle_sys_a_rel_c = 'TRD'
    INNER JOIN customer..legal_entity le ON lt.lgle_id_c = le.lgle_id_c 
                AND (TH.t_trade_d between le.lgle_eff_x AND ISNULL(le.lgle_end_x, '12/31/2099'))
    INNER JOIN customer..LegalEntityExtension E ON E.legalId = le.lgle_id_c
    INNER JOIN #ProductDetails PD ON TH.p_type_c =  PD.pt_sb_type_c
    INNER JOIN #PositionGroupBankFusi PG ON TH.port_c = PG.positionGroupId
WHERE   TH.t_entry_d BETWEEN @fromDate AND @toDate AND 
        TH.t_buy_sell_c = 'S' AND
        TH.equityInd = 'N' AND -- 040110_02
        TH.bus_a_id_c = 344898 AND
        (E.documentationLevel  IN ('2','3','4')  AND --040110_03                      (TH.t_trade_d BETWEEN PG_effDate AND PG_endDate) AND
        (TH.t_trade_d BETWEEN UG_a_effDate AND UG_a_endDate) AND
        (TH.t_trade_d BETWEEN UG_b_effDate AND UG_b_endDate) AND
        (TH.t_trade_d BETWEEN UGUG_effDate AND UGUG_endDate) AND
        (sales_no_c <> '' AND sales_no_c IS NOT NULL)

as per the above code we need to add document level here in E.documentlevel IN (2,3,4)..can you help me how to add this code ..and both document and SMMP comming from customer..LegalEntityExtension E table ...

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(E.documentationLevel IN ('2','3','4') is already in your code (although it probably needs a second ) to prevent a syntax error). What question are you trying to ask? – Mark Bannister Oct 5 '11 at 13:44
how to add the requirement which i have send you in the code? – user971199 Oct 5 '11 at 14:22
Not a helpful answer - the requirement appears to already be in the code. Please can you clarify what you are trying to achieve that is not already in the code? – Mark Bannister Oct 5 '11 at 15:09

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