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I have compiled QT 2.3.1 from source. Here is the process:

cd c:\qtcreator
qmake c:\qtcreatorsrc\ -o c:\qtcreater\Makefile -spec win32-g++ -r CONFIG+=release
mingw32-make release

After this, the qtcreator was compiled succesful and I was able to run it. Then I decided to clean all object files that are not needed anymore and I have done:

mingw32-make clean

After this, I was not able to start qt. The message I get is: "Failed to load core: Could not find 'Core.pluginspec' in C:\QtCreator\lib\qtcreator\plugins,C:\QtCreator\plugins"

After short investigation I have noticed that clean step has really removed all *.pluginspec files from lib\qtcreator\plugins. Is this bug in generation of makefile? Have I done something wrong?

I could skip clean step, but I see no point in keeping all object files since they occupy more then 1GB of disk space.

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