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I'm using JSTL to import a form from my main page.

<c:import url = "/import/form/registerForm.jsp" />

The main page receives a attribute named registerError from a Servlet. This attribute is available from my main page but it disappears in my registerForm.jsp file

<c:if test = "${!empty registerError}">
    <div id = "error">
        <p><c:out value="${registerError}" /></p>

I've red that the attributes can be passed through import but as a GET method. Is there any other way to manage this problem?

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Just use

<jsp:include page="/import/form/registerForm.jsp"/>

<c:import> allows getting a resource from anywhere (including resources external to the webapp), and thus generates a new request, different from the original one, to get the resource. <jsp:include> uses the request dispatcher, and the same request is thus used.

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Ok thanks! But is <jsp:include> a good practice today? Or is there other alternatives to this solution? –  TGM Oct 5 '11 at 14:10
I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with it. –  JB Nizet Oct 5 '11 at 14:30
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