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I have a validation rule as shown below:


I also want to do currency formatting for the loanAmount field. So I have used the autoNumeric plugin as shown below:


However, with this the range validation for the loanAmount does not work properly. Instead of getting the raw value for loanAmount, jquery gets the formatted value and hence is not able to validate. For instance, when I enter 25000, it becomes 25,000 and is passed to jquery and the validation does not work as expected.

Is there a way around this?

Will be glad if someone can help.

Thanks, Saurabh

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Unfortunately, this a regular problem that has no out of the box solution (well not in my knowledge).

  1. What you can do is define your own validation method that will first 'unformat' the value before performing the check. You can find an example here.

  2. When submitting the form, is the value passed formatted ? In this case you can defined your validation rule to check your specific formatting instead of a pure range, via a regex for example.

I think this is a feature that would be worth proposing to the plugin developer: an optional handler that will be called prior to validating the values in which one would be able to for instance unformat the value.

Hope this helps, d.

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