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I'm using Primefaces 2.2.1 and JSF 2.0 and I'm trying to show a list on a single row using p:dataTable. If I use the standard p:column, every list member it is shown on different rows. So if I have an ArrayList, how to show it on a single row, multiple columns?

Thank you!

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How do you want to display your list members? Separated by a comma, for example?

In that case you could use something like this:

<p:dataTable value="#{bean.fakeList}">
        <ui:repeat var="item" value="#{bean.myList}">
             <h:outputText value="#{}" />

Notice that the #{bean.fakeList} must return a list of 1 element, so that the dataTable will have an item to iterate, otherwise it'll show you the 'No records' message.

The output of this code will come in a single row and will be something like: value1, value2, value3, ...

I'm not sure if that was what you were looking for.

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Instead of <p:dataTable>, just use <p:dataGrid> or <p:dataList> (with a bit of CSS to float the items left).

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