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Hi I need to copy data from a csv file into a mysql table.Copy of data has to be remotely.My csv file is not present on the db server.Any idea how to do it.

I can do locally file copy from csv but not from different machine.


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Read and Parse the file, then loop through the parsed data and do INSERT/UPDATE on your database. You could also use a tool that can read a csv file to do this. –  Ramhound Oct 5 '11 at 14:26

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you have many options. If you have phpMyAdmin or other sql manager - it is easier variant. Else you should copy the file locally and use mysql shell tools to import the data.

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Take a look at LOAD DATA . By using the LOCAL option, you specify that it's a local file and not a file located on the db server. The FIELDS TERMINATD BY and other options lets you adjust to the format of your .csv file

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