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Does anyone know what's's programming language/technology? Are they using Java? .NET? Python? Ruby?

Their site is extremely good and I was just wondering what they've chosen to develop their web site.


P.S. MINT.COM is a Personal Finance Management online application. P.S. 2: THANKS EVERYONE FOR ANSWERING. I really found every single answer very helpful. Also I am happy I found out about Matt's blog.

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I found a job posting for, this might give some idea about the technology they're using:

Looks like:

  • Linux or Unix server
  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • MySql database
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I'd guess Java

Their front-end marketing site is X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.9

But the login page is powered by Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1

Coyote is used with Java-based systems.

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I guess Java, by looking at the job openings.

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"Looks extremely good" part I guess comes from YUI based on Matt's blog . There are also some very nice snippets and samples on his blog that are used on

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Yeah, and they do a lot of flash as well for the graphs. –  altCognito Apr 19 '09 at 23:39

I'm guessing they're not using .net as their servers are all running F5 Big-IP or CentOS. Here's the Netcraft report. But it's hard to say what their service is developed on--though job openings are certainly one potential indicator.

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According to the Wikipedia article about the founder Aaron Patzer, the alpha version was built with J2EE and mySQL.

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