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this might seem stupid or irrelevant but problem is: I want to make aa button, which is going to share the url and title on facebook(and/or twitter) directly. I mean, without visiting the standard share window of facebook.

As another option, I thought about: when you click on a share button, facebook and/or twitter share windows are opened. I want to include those windows in a single one. however when I use iframes, I face two empty borders. along with those two frames I would like to add a button, when clicked, the url will be shared on both fb and twitter. are those possible or allowed? if so how may I do this. please help me I'm so stuck

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You can't share without the window, unless the user have authorized your site to post to Facebook in his behalf. Check this post on how to do it

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Thank you very much sir. –  Dogugun Ozkaya Oct 22 '11 at 1:18

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