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I am investigating the mapping facilities of MyBatis 3.0.5. The database is H2 (1.3.160) in running embedded mode. With the help of the user manual, I got the straightforward parts working. But I am having a hard time mapping a Set that uses a HashMap as the backing storage.

Here's the Java code for the custom collection that has the custom set as field (simplified for brevity)

public class CustomCollection 
    private CustomSet<CustomItem> customItems;

    public CustomCollection()
        customItems = new CustomSet<CustomItem>();

    // other stuff  

Here's the CustomSet code (again, simplified)

public class CustomSet<E extends CustomItemInterface> extends AbstractSet<E>
    private ConcurrentHashMap<String, E> items;

    public CustomSet()
        items = new ConcurrentHashMap<String, E>();

    // other stuff  

Here's the mapping interface:

public interface CustomCollectionMapper 
    CustomCollection select(@Param("somename") String s1, @Param("someothername") String s2);

This is the code that does the call into the Mybatis framework:

SqlSessionFactory sqlSessionFactory = (SqlSessionFactory) servletContext.getAttribute("SqlSessionFactory");
SqlSession session = sqlSessionFactory.openSession();
CustomCollection coll = null;
    CustomCollectionMapper mapper = session.getMapper(CustomCollectionMapper.class);
    coll = mapper.select(param1, param2);

Here's what I could come up with the mapping XML so far:

<select id="select" resultMap="CustomCollectionMapping">
-- What goes here???

<resultMap type="com.example.CustomCollection" id="CustomCollectionMapping">
  <association property="customItems" javaType="com.example.customSet">
    <collection property="items" javaType="HashMap" ofType="com.example.CustomItem" select="selectCustomItems">

<select id="selectCustomItems" parameterType="map" resultType="com.example.CustomItem">  
  -- SQL query to return multiple CustomItem rows

Through various iterations, I got "too many results" error, some other error or nothing (null is returned from the mapper call) but never the result I need. The SQL code works fine by itself and if I ask for a List with a straightforward select statement, I get the rows and the ArrayList back. The problem I am having is having the nested collection objects populated properly.

I have read the manual many times, searched for examples but I could not come up with the correct mapping XML for this purpose. I would appreciate if anyone can help me or point me to a source that can help.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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It looks like ResultHandler may do the trick, but that leaves me writing a lot of code, leaving the benefits of the XML mapping factory. Also the fact that the handler will be called once per returned row is worrying me.

I found out in a message in the mybatis-user group that Mybatis will not actually do what I want (even if I get rid of the intermediary CustomSet, it does not look like Mybatis will be able to populate the hashmap the way I need it) so I have decided to go with what the OP in that topic is doing: Getting back a list and populating the HashMap myself. This will allow me to get the objects through the mapping and with little amount of code, have the necessary HashMap populated.

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You may want to try a custom ResultHandler. I think though, your CustomSet should work. I'm going to investigate further, I will update if I find something.

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