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I am using MSbuild to create a deployment package (simply copying various files from the projects in my solution to different folders) I would like the root folder to be of the format


How can I get MSbuild to put the Assembly number in the folder name automatically?

EDIT: The solution has a great deal of projects in it (too many really) they all get their version number from a SharedAssemblyInfo.cs file that is manually updated but in the fullness of time will pick up the svn build number (but that is a job for later) I am building using an external .bat file that calls a custom written .targets/.proj setup that simply calls msbuild on the .sln of the solution. The 'create package' step I am trying to create happens after a succesful build and will eventually be run by our CI framework, however I would like to be able to run it locally too.

I have created a "CreatePackage" target that does the copying that I want, however it is currently into a fixed folder. I need the folder name to reflect the AssemblyVersion of one of the final dll's.

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would you like this to be a post-build event to standard compilation? Do you have more than one assembly? have you done any other MSbuild customization to rev your AssemblyVersions on multiple files synchronously? –  Nick Nieslanik Oct 5 '11 at 16:57

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If there is a better way then I want to know about it... but I am going to use this I think

MSBuild Task to read version of dll

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