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I have a question with regards to the facebook dialog.

Basically, I would like to popup the dialog for the user to enter their credentials. Once they are authorized, I want the callback Url to be custom (but on same domain as specified in website url).

However, the FB.login method only takes 2 params: callback fcn and scope.

Any ideas how I can change the callback url once the user has logged in?


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If I recall, the redirect URL is set under the settings for your application inside the Facebook developer site.

Although, wouldn't just doing the redirect in the callback function work? e.g. with window.location.href = "whatever"?

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No, I can do the redirect when the authentication succeeds that's fine, but I basically need to set the redirect_uri via FB.Login method call and there's no way I can do that. – LB. Oct 5 '11 at 15:55

Use FB.Event.subscribe to detect when a user logs in.

FB.Event.subscribe('auth.authResponseChange', function(response) {
  // can redirect to your callback URL here if necessary
  alert('The status of the session is: ' + response.status);
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