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Im looking for a very very simple editor for my forum.

Im only interested in basic functions such as bold, italic, underline, blockquote - nothing more, nothing less. Another important feature is when the user is pasting formatted text into the textarea all tags should be stripped.

Im familiar with TinyMCE, CKEditor and a some of the other "big" editors, but I think its overkill to implement such a big "framework" for such basic functions..

Ive looked through the "Similar questions" but none of the suggested editors are simple enough i think..

Do you guys know any?

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It seems like you might like the one that is presented on this site which someone also asked about in this question:

What WYSIWYG editor is Stack Overflow using?

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Hmm, not exactly as I like it to be a WYSIWYG editor.. and their website wmd-editor.com doesnt work either :( –  Christoffer Oct 5 '11 at 16:13
A simple google search on the name brought up their new site, it might be useful to give them a look although I understand you are looking for the changes to be happening on the fly rather than in the live preview window. code.google.com/p/pagedown/wiki/PageDown –  Druegor Oct 5 '11 at 22:35

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