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I'm trying to implement nested sets in my database model. To make it easy to use I would like to create stored procedures for insert/update/delete operations on my tree nodes to keep my tree in a valid state.

Is it possible to create mapping of the stored procedures in the current version of code-first model? I mean that my stored procedures will be called when for example, new entity will be added to the dbcontext.

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Code First in Entity Framework does not support Stored Procedure by default. As there is no designer we cannot even map our stored procs to the entity. There are a many scenario we have seen where we are bound to use stored procedure for any database modifications (insert/update/delete).

You can use below links, and/or google your question to find more solutions.

Using Entity Framework Code First with Stored Procedures AND Code First 4.1 : Using Stored Procedure to Insert Data

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