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Does Oracle 10g database have GEO-Spacial search functionality out of the box, or is it something that needs to be install as an addition.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not familiar with geospatial technology, but this section from the Oracle® Spatial User's Guide and Reference may be useful:

Oracle Locator (also referred to as Locator) is a feature of Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition. Locator provides core features and services available in Oracle Spatial. It provides significant capabilities typically required to support Internet and wireless service-based applications and partner-based GIS solutions. Locator is not designed to be a solution for geographic information system (GIS) applications requiring complex spatial data management. If you need capabilities such as linear referencing, spatial functions, or coordinate system transformations, use Oracle Spatial instead of Locator.

Like Spatial, Locator is not designed to be an end-user application, but is a set of spatial capabilities for application developers.

Locator is available with both the Standard and Enterprise Editions of Oracle Database 10g. Spatial is a priced option available only with Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition. Spatial includes all Locator features as well as other features that are not available with Locator.

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Thanks you, very helpful. –  Alan Quigley Oct 6 '11 at 8:46

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