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This has me puzzled. This code worked on another server, but it's failing on Perl v5.8.8 with Date::Manip loaded from CPAN today.

Use of uninitialized value in numeric lt (<) at /home/downside/lib/Date/Manip.pm line 3327.
at dailyupdate.pl line 13
        main::__ANON__('Use of uninitialized value in numeric lt (<) at
/home/downsid...') called at
/home/downside/lib/Date/Manip.pm line 3327
        Date::Manip::Date_SecsSince1970GMT(09, 16, 2008, 00, 21, 22) called at
/home/downside/lib/Date/Manip.pm line 1905
        Date::Manip::UnixDate('today', '%Y-%m-%d') called at
TICKER/SYMBOLS/updatesymbols.pm line 122
        TICKER::SYMBOLS::updatesymbols::getdate() called at
TICKER/SYMBOLS/updatesymbols.pm line 439
'TICKER::SYMBOLS::symbol=HASH(0x8a43540)') called at
TICKER/SYMBOLS/updatesymbols.pm line 565
TICKER::SYMBOLS::updatesymbols::updatesymbols('DBI::db=HASH(0x87fcc34)', 1, 0, -1) called at
dailyupdate.pl line 149
        EDGAR::updatesymbols('DBI::db=HASH(0x87fcc34)', 1, 0, -1) called at
dailyupdate.pl line 180
        EDGAR::dailyupdate() called at dailyupdate.pl line 193

The code that's failing is simply:

sub getdate()
{    my $err;                ## today
    my $today = Date::Manip::UnixDate('today','%Y-%m-%d'); ## today's date
    ####print "Today is ",$today,"\n";        ## ***TEMP***

That's right; Date::Manip is failing for "today".

The line in Date::Manip that is failing is:

  $tz=$Cnf{"TZ"}  if (! $tz);  
  $tz=$Zone{"n2o"}{lc($tz)}  if ($tz !~ /^[+-]\d{4}$/);  

  $tzs=-1 if ($tz<0); ### ERROR OCCURS HERE

So Date::Manip is assuming that $Cnf has been initialized with elements "ConvTZ" or "TZ". Those are initialized in Date_Init, so that should have been taken care of.

It's only failing in my large program. If I just extract "getdate()" above and run it standalone, there's no error. So there's something about the global environment that affects this.

This seems to be a known, but not understood problem. If you search Google for "Use of uninitialized value date manip" there are about 2400 hits. This error has been reported with MythTV and grepmail.

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it's hard to read your code. If you make sure you paste the code so that each line begins with a tab or at least 3 spaces, it will be better formatted. –  Darren Meyer Sep 16 '08 at 20:31
I believe it needs to be 4 spaces. ("Five is right out.") –  Jon Ericson Sep 16 '08 at 20:54

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It is a bug in Date::Manip version 5.48-5.54 for Win32. I've had difficulty with using standard/daylight variants of a timezones, e.g. 'EST5EDT', 'US/Eastern'. The only timezones that appear to work are those without daylight savings, e.g. 'EST'.

It is possible to turn off timezone conversion processing in the Date::Manip module:


This will have undesired side-effects if you treat dates correctly. I would not use this workaround unless you are confident you will be never be processing dates from different timezones.

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It's almost certain that your host doesn't have a definition for the timezone you're specifying, which is what's causing a value to be undefined.

Have you checked to make sure a TZ definition file of the same name actually exists on the host?

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Date::Manip is supposed to be self-contained. It has a list of all its time zones in its own source, following "$zonesrfc=".

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Can you try single-stepping through the debugger to see what exactly is going wrong? It could easily be %Zone that is wrong - %tz may be set correctly on line 1 or 2, but then the lookup on line 3 fails, ending up with undef.

Edit: %Date::Manip::Cnf and %Date::Manip::Zone are global variables, so you should be able to take a dump of them before and after the call to Date::Manip::Date_Init. If I read the source correctly %Cnf should contain a basic skeleton of configuration options before the call to Date_Init, and %Zone should be empty; after Date_Init, TZ should have your chosen value, and %Zone should be populated by a lookup table of time zones.

I see a reference to .DateManip.cnf in %Cnf, which might be something to look at - is it possible that you have such a file in your home directory, or the current working directory, which is overriding the default settings?

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