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Like this: opt<-reqContractDetails(tws,twsOption(local="", expiry="20111021",right="",symbol="UCO"))

This is unusably slow. Is this because of IB? Any suggestions on how to get an option chain returned in less than 10 minutes?


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Get a better ISP?

> tws <- twsConnect()
> system.time(opt<-reqContractDetails(tws,twsOption(local="", expiry="20111021",right="",symbol="UCO")))
   user  system elapsed 
   0.07    0.00    0.17 
> twsDisconnect(tws)
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Ug. My mistake, I posted incomplete code. That just pulls contract details. I have a loop that gets the price for each contract. I will post it later. –  Pauly Oct 7 '11 at 17:09

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