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I'm working on writing some conceptual documentation to our otherwise technical documentation that is being produced in Sandcastle.

There aren't a whole lot of good examples/links out there, but I'm starting to get the hang of MAML. If anyone has any excellent resources for looking/understanding this, I'd appreciate it.

I was hoping to have my conceptual documentation make reference to some of the types in my Documentation Sources. Is there a way to put something as simple as ">Type to link to the documentation that is also in the code?

EDIT: This was a major problem on my behalf, since I'm new to it.

The best way to link to a code item is to grab it from the Entities Window. To open the Entities Window, go to Window > Entities References. From here, you can Find the appropriate type/method/property and drag it into the code from the results.

The MAML reference guide is included with the Sandcastle Styles download: and has been IMMENSELY helpful at learning how to format things.

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You can create a reference from Conceptual Documentation to Reference Documentation by using codeEntityReference. Details please refer to:

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