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From: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms187495.aspx


--Restore the regular log backup (from backup set 2).

RESTORE LOG AdventureWorks2008R2
FROM DISK = 'Z:\SQLServerBackups\AdventureWorks2008R2FullRM.bak'

My question: If I don't specify NORECOVERY, will it be the default? I have a bunch of databases that were migrated in this fashion and I'm not sure how to tell which recovery model was used.


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RECOVERY is the default. See the documentation for the RESTORE command, which states:


Roll back is controlled by the RESTORE statement through the [ RECOVERY | NORECOVERY ] options:

NORECOVERY specifies that roll back not occur. This allows roll forward to continue with the next statement in the sequence.

In this case, the restore sequence can restore other backups and roll them forward.

RECOVERY (the default) indicates that roll back should be performed after roll forward is completed for the current backup.

Recovering the database requires that the entire set of data being restored (the roll forward set) is consistent with the database. If the roll forward set has not been rolled forward far enough to be consistent with the database and RECOVERY is specified, the Database Engine issues an error.

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