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I have a controller with the Authorize attribute:

public CustomerController:Controller  
    public ActionResult GetCustomer(int id)  
        var model=db.Customers.where(c=>c.id==id);
        return View(model);   

My question is, how can I test a controller with the Authorize attribute?

Do we need to get user information like username and password before testing from HttpContext?

Are mocks, dependency injection, and inversion of control related to unit testing? If so, can you guys suggest some websites or documents for learning these topics?

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Thnx for editing –  Tom Crusie Oct 5 '11 at 19:25

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Here's some good examples of testing with mocks, DI, IoC, MVC @


The author doesn't use the Authorize attribute but uses custom action filters and roles based security I believe.

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