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resources :leagues do
  resources :schedule

This generates:


How can I keep the league ID from changing param names? So it'll be:

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No, please do not do this.

The reason for it being this way is that it provides a common interface for nested resources across every single application. By making it different in your application, you're effectively going "against the grain" of Rails. Rails has a strict set of conventions that you should stick to. When you stray from this path, things get messy.

However, if you do want to shoot yourself in the foot, metaphorically speaking, you will need to define the routes manually. Here's the routes for the seven standard actions in a controller:

get 'leagues/:id/schedules', :to => "schedules#index", :as => "league_schedules"
get 'leagues/:id/schedule/:schedule_id', :to => "schedules#show", :as => "league_schedule"
get 'leagues/:id/schedules/new', :to => "schedules#new", :as => "new_league_schedule"
post 'leagues/:id/schedules', :to => "schedules#create"
get 'leagues/:id/schedule/:schedule_id/edit', :to => "schedules#edit", :as => "ed it_league_schedule"
put 'leagues/:id/schedule/:schedule_id', :to => "schedules#update"
delete 'leagues/:id/schedule/:schedule_id', :to => "schedules#destroy"

As you can see, it's quite ugly. But, if you really really really want to do it this way, that's how you'd do it.

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