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I have a jqgrid, which expects data from four different sources, what I have done is, I make four different ajax calls, and then add the returned rows to the grid in a loop.

The problem is, the pager does not work any more, instead it displays a scroll bar.

I read that after version 3.7 jqgrid does support paging for local data, I am using 4.1.2, but it does not work.

I believe there must be a parameter that needs to be set, I just cant seem to find it.

Thanks, Ali

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The problem should be how you fill the local data. Could you post your code? –  Oleg Oct 5 '11 at 19:41
$.each(Response, function(i, item){ jquery("#grid").jqgrid("addRowData",i+1,item) } –  Ali Oct 5 '11 at 19:46

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the usage of addRowData is the wrong way. It is not only slow, but it don't support paging and sorting. You will have to reload the grid once to see the data correct.

Much more effective way is to fill all data in an array of items. Every item should has an additional id property. Then you should create the grid with additional parameter data: items and use gridview: true additionally to have better performance.

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