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I have a form library containing Infopath forms. I am having Back and Next buttons on Infopath forms. I want functionality that when user clicks on the "Next" button it should redirect user to the next browser based Infopath form. If user clicks on the Back button on the Infopath form it should redirect user to the Previous browser based infopath form in the form library. Basically I need Redirecting functionality on an Infopath button. When user clicks on the button he should be redirected to another browser based Infopath form. Writting Response.Redirect on the Form submit event doesnt do anything.

Any Help will be appreciated ... !!!

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i hope you don't mind the question, but why would you want to do it this way? wouldn't it be better to use views instead? can you describe your requirements a little bit? – int32 Oct 6 '11 at 6:52
Hi ... Views can be used to navigate within the form itself. I have a document library with several infopath forms. All the forms will have Back and Next button on them. So when user opens one of the Infopath form and clicks on next it will save current form and navigate user to the next form in the library. All of these forms open in a browser. Hope this helps to understand. – Learner Oct 6 '11 at 18:55

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