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I need to test an application which uses LDAP for authentication, but still I don't have access to the server I have to use, but I need to test my application.

Does somebody know if is there any LDAP server with data that i can use for access??

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@Brad: doesn't answer the question. He wants to connect to an existing server. –  EJP Oct 5 '11 at 23:45
@EJP, yes, and he won't likely find one. This gives him a simple alternative, where he can predict the data so that he can debug with it. –  Brad Oct 6 '11 at 0:36
@Brad I believe there are several 'open' LDAP servers on the Internet actually, just can't lay my hands on the references right now. –  EJP Oct 6 '11 at 3:46

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If you use the UnboundID LDAP SDK, you can stand up an in-memory LDAP server to use for testing. The API to deploy an in-memory server is included in the API. The standard edition is free, and the source code is included. I've included an example in this blog entry.

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Here you go: http://www.forumsys.com/tutorials/integration-how-to/ldap/online-ldap-test-server/

It's free, contains data, browsable. Make sure you use LDAP v3 when trying to bind.

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ldap://directory.verisign.com is available according to one of Terry's blogs.

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As far as I know, just the root DSE can be retrieved from directory.verisign.com, and the namingContexts are not visible. –  Terry Gardner Nov 29 '11 at 16:25

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