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I am primarily a front end developer and I need to get familiar with C# development for a project I am working on. What are some good resources/links to learn C# as I have no prior experience in C#. Thanks in advance.

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By front end, do you mean windows forms, web applications (asp.net), or RIAs (WPF/Silverlight)? –  Jon Limjap Apr 20 '09 at 3:04

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This will be your best starting point


Pick what you like, web, windows, whatever..they have a learning track for everything.

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You can start with a lightweight tutorial like this. For details of course you're going to have to read a book on the subject. Any one of those listed on this page will do.

Just one important thing: do sit next to a computer while you read and try writing and compiling most of the stuff they talk about in the book/tutorial. Simply reading never works.

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Some other links that might be helpful:

I'd also suggest looking at training sessions if money is not an object. Having a real person to bounce questions off is invaluable.

There are some other questions on SO that overlap your request somewhat. Have a look at:

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I worked as an intern developing in C# for some time and found these sites to be pretty useful. They may not be the best, but do contain enough code samples for enough common tasks you should be able to learn something from them.



Generally, googling for tutorials will yield mixed results (but is still worthwhile). If you have access to a more experienced developer to use as a sounding board for ideas, this can save you a lot of time and help you learn more quickly. As others have noted, writing and compiling code examples and tinkering can help solidify your understanding of the nuances of the language.

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