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I'm trying to get spark precompilation to work and going through the docs, I can see this:

engine.BatchCompilation(targetPath, Global.AllKnownDescriptors());

It doesn't look like the Global.AllKnownDescriptors() is a helper method that is included with the spark dll's so I was wondering how I would go about getting a list of the SparkViewDescriptor classes that I need to pass in to enable batch compilation.

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The AllKnownDescriptors() method comes from a MediumTrustHosting sample and the method literally just does this:

public static IList<SparkViewDescriptor> AllKnownDescriptors()
    return new[]
         Desc("home.spark", "master.spark"),
         Desc("product.spark", "master.spark"),
         Desc("productlist.spark", "master.spark"),

So you can see that it's just an oversimplification but the theory is that you could reflect over your code to find all types that inherit from SparkViewDescriptor or alternatively keep a registry of sorts manually or in an IoC Container so that you can pass them in for precompilation.

Hope that helps,

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