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I am new to Eclipse (Indigo) and using it with Aptana Studio for Ruby On Rails project. I have marked several lines in my code with "TODO" tasks, which appear in the Task view. However, there's w massive list of tasks in that view that I did not create! They don't have Resource or Path values, which made me think they're "orphaned" somehow.

What are these tasks? I went through and deleted a huge number of them but next time I started up Eclipse an even bigger list was there! How do I get rid of these?

Many thanks, Dany.

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Find a dropwdown button in "Tasks" view. Then configure filtering: enter image description here This setting should show only todos from currently selected project, but not from all projects in your workspace.

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Perfect! Thank you very much :) –  codedog Oct 5 '11 at 22:03

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