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Does anyone know the correct syntax for a selected radio button in NHAML?

This is my current NHAML code: %input{type="radio", name="Relocation", value="Yes"}

The help would be greatly appreciated.


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The latest version of NHaml (2.0 Beta 2) changes the way it handles attributes. Don't use commas:

%input{type="radio" name="Relocation" value="Yes"}
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NHaml 2.0 Beta 1 syntax

%input{type="radio", name="Relocation", checked="true"}
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%input {type="radio" name="Relocation" checked="checked" value="TrueOrWhatever"}

OR just use HtmlHelper

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it's the checked that does the trick –  Boris Callens Aug 13 '09 at 7:25

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