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Problem Cappuccino app initially loads successfully. After an ajax call is made and an array is populated with JSON Objects, the Array Controller doesn't recognize it and populate the data.

Setup Using the latest build from capp and xcc. I have an application where all of the IB elements are tied to an NSArrayController. It's bound to my AppController's CPMutableArray. I Import a controller class that fires off and handles the AJAX call. I have confirmed when it has finished that my CPMutableArray is populated with data.

This is just done with a simple "addObjectsFromArray"

So am I supposed to notify the ArrayController to reload or follow a procedure where it automatically picks up the changes?

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I was able to successfully update the page once I did the following

  • Made my CPMutableArray into a CPArrayController. Since I am only adding and removing objects it hasn't beexn a change elsewhere in the code.
  • Used KVO to add and remove objects: [[self mutableArrayValueForKey:@"persons"] addObject:me];

My biggest problem was relying on ./bootstrap.sh. It doesn't install and configure everything. Cloned the github /cappuccino/cappuccino and ran Jake Install. Now xcode is picking up my outlets and ibactions!

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