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I'm trying to find a good 2D graphics engine for a game... Something for a game like a top-down (slight angle so it looks 3D...) allowing the user to move around.. that sort of game...

Any help would be great, Thanks!

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If I understand you it sounds like you want to make an "isometric" style 2D game. There's another question on stackoverflow that has a good answer as well.

As others have noted, AndEngine might be the way to go. Apparently it can load tile maps in Tiled Map Editor format (TMX), which offers support for isometric maps.

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Your correct, I was looking for isometric. –  Josh Oct 6 '11 at 13:03

I recommend AndEngine.

They have an app demonstrating its ability on the market called AndEngineExamples.

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examples are available and you check out performance etc.. I know there are even some youtube videos specific to andengine

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Andengine is great but it's resolutely 2D and you sound like you'd really like to do 3D.

An obvious alternative would be Unity - as it supports Android amongst it's many deployment platforms (and it's free!!)

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