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My actions are behaving strangely. All requests I make with XML content type (through CURL, ActiveResource, you name it) have empty params[] inside my actions. I debugged request.content_type and it is application/xml. Debugging request.body.read shows that the XML that I sent in the request is there too.

Interesting enough, debugging request.formats returns [/]

I also tried to add a simple Rack middleware at the beggining of my stack and the CONTENT_TYPE is right there in my env variable, with it's correct value.

With this problem, my request body never gets parsed and I always get into the format.html block of my respond_to call.

Any ideas of what can be wrong?

UPDATE: I inspected ActionDispatch::ParamsParser and the params are being built correctly there and placed into env["action_dispatch.request.request_parameters"]. However they end up as an empty params[] in my actions (just for non HTML requests, i.e. json, xml, etc).

UPDATE 2: Just got it fixed. It was some strange combination of memcache-client being used for session store in my app. It worked on my co-worker Ubuntu box... replaced memcache-client with dalli and change the session store to configuration to explicitely set the memcache server host as the localhost. It worked.


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try to request /your/resource/something.xml (appending .xml) –  sled Oct 6 '11 at 0:26
That's exactly what ActiveResource does. Also, appending .xml through curl yields the same result. Thanks! –  cassiomarques Oct 6 '11 at 0:32
I am having the same issue and your question gave me some ideas. Thanks. –  RubyDev Aug 16 '13 at 1:57

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