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Has any one got recommendations (technical, functional, or otherwise) for one of these game engines over the other?

I've worked through a couple of tutorials for each of them, and they both seem pretty functional, but at this point I don't know enough about either of them to make a decision either way. I think either of them will require a fairly large number of hours invested in learning the engine so I'm keen to try and pick one I'll be wanting to stick with.

So far it seems that AndEngine is slightly more popular, but libgdx has the ability to run games on the desktop which seems a pretty big advantage...

I guess also, I'm fairly new to android development, and am finding it a bit of a struggle - is one of these significantly easier than the other?

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Here, more information about libgdx vs andengine thegreystudios.com/blog/?p=30 –  josemwarrior Mar 28 '12 at 19:32
AndEngine is really cool but the lack of proper documentation makes it a bit hard to use at times. –  JohnEye Mar 30 '12 at 9:59

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This is what you need to look into it, words from the developer of libgdx: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/c51e9ef49369c163?pli=1

Personally, I prefer AndEngine, since I just need to develop on Android mobile platform only and this engine really does optimize the performance over libgdx

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Huh? libgdx has much better performance over AndEngine. –  NateS Oct 10 '11 at 23:38
From my experience, AndEngine has MUCH better performance over Libgdx. Libgdx is just convenient because it is multiplatform. –  rioneye Oct 25 '13 at 23:08
Why do you think that AndEngine has better performance than libgdx in Android? –  donfuxx Feb 20 '14 at 18:16
why there are contradicting opinions here –  Muhammad Umer Mar 27 '14 at 0:59
AndEngine looks dead to me... unless someone else picked up the project? github.com/nicolasgramlich/AndEngine –  Jyro117 Jun 12 '14 at 16:55

I don't really agree with the other answer(s). Andengine is good but if you want real performance and cross compatibility go the libgdx way. The following links may help you.

Plus it's got a pretty decent Community and it's excellently documented.

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I have switched from AndEngine into LibGDX after 4 games. Because of crossplatform, nighties, performance and more useful extensions ( SceneUI, Spine ) and i must say wow! AndEngine is very nice, stable and pretty fast for most 2d games, but it is limited by its architecture. I dont say you cannot do some great things with it but I felt that i'm going around when using AndEngine. LibGDX is exactly what i need.

ah... unfortunatelly I think AndEngine is dead : https://github.com/nicolasgramlich/AndEngine/graphs/commit-activity

Homever there is still very active community on forums.

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LibGdx is definitely the way to go. I've worked with both and the only advantages i saw with AndEngine is the fact that it may be a little easier to understand for those who don't have a good OOP background; and that you can access Android specific methods directly ( you can achieve the same in LibGdx but you'll write a few more lines of code).

However in terms of performance these 2 are not even close. For one game, Libgdx gave us 4 times the number of frames (on a slower device) of AndEngine. If you add cross platform functionality, all the wonderful extensions and continuous improvement I think the decision is pretty simple.

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Simply I can tell you that libgdx is much better than andEngine. I have been using both and my conclusion is:

  • libgdx is more organized and easy to understand framework than andEngine as regards object oriented concept
  • libgdx is more efficient
  • there are lots of goods tutorial about libgdx
  • libgdx is cross platform
  • and the most important , libgdx is much faster! You dont need anymore emulator to test your games!

Hope this can help people to decide.

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