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Instead of using:

videoSink->startPlaying(*videoSource, afterPlaying, videoSink);

I'm looking for a way to feed videoSink image by image, one after another. This way I can get my webcam images and feed them to the Live555 for streaming.

Is that possbile?

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You can accomplish that using the live555 event trigger of the DeviceSource mechanism. Searching the live555 mailing list for EventTrigger, DeviceSource should provide you with a way to get started. AFAIR there was a section on live sources in the FAQ.

I would advise you to encode the data before hand. You can use FFMPEG to encode the JPG's into a frame and send it off to Live555 to be streamed as done similarly to this example project. Live555 has sinks for many video codecs so you'll have to use the appropriate sink.

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