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we are changing servers and just installed php 5.3. the new server gave this error: Undefined variable: HTTP_SERVER_VARS we noticed register globals is turned off. on php.net website, there is a reason it was turned off for php > 4.2; question is, what do i do so that i don't get the Undefined variable: HTTP_SERVER_VARS, especially when i can't turned on register globals?


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The situation is similar, but register_globals doesn't have anything to do with $HTTP_SERVER_VARS. The existence of the $HTTP_*_VARS arrays are controlled by the register_long_arrays setting. –  John Flatness Oct 6 '11 at 1:20

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Just use $_SERVER, $_GET, $_POST, and $_COOKIE. They aren't affected by register_globals.

For more details, see the superglobals manual page.

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if you don't want to change $HTTP_SERVER_VARS to $_SERVER in all php files, you can use

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Up until PHP 5.3 there is a php.ini setting for that:

register_long_arrays = On

It'll show up a deprecation note however.

There's likewise an option for register_globals

And there's a whole chapter dedicated on the why. Might be a good opportunity to read it:

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