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In Maple 15, I have a nested list like this one (only 2 levels of nesting):


I want to create 6 lists from that one (the number of elements..), like these:


I tried but I have super complex loops and it doesn't work.. any more brilliant idea?

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I am writing this code on Maple 7, but it should work with pretty much any version of Maple. I feel that it is easier to do things by first stripping the original nested list into two simple lists:

flatlist:=[seq(op(input[n]),n=1..nops(input))]; % flat list of all elements
noels:=[seq(nops(input[n]),n=1..nops(input))]; % numbers of elements in sub-lists

It is easier to insert your extra elements into the new flat lists:


The resulting flat lists must be converted back into the nested lists. This can be done by writing a simple function:

  local i,j,n,result;
  i:=0; result:=NULL;
  for n from 1 to nops(noels) do
  return [result];

With this function available, it is now easy to convert the prepared data into the required format:


I admit that this may not be the most elegant solution possible. Unfortunately, nothing simpler comes to my mind just now.

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Try a nested pair of seq calls.


[seq(seq(subs(r=op([x,r]),L),r in K),K in L)];
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