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I have a object datasource for a telerik listview and on the onitemcreated method I want to be able to pull out that current object that it is on. can anyone help me? Thanks

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You cannot access the data object in OnItemCreated because that occurs before any data binding occurs. Instead, you should do you processing in OnItemDataBound. You can use logic like this:

var listDataItem = e.Item as RadListViewDataItem;
if (listDataItem != null)
    var theData = listDataItem.DataItem;

Telerik has a page in their documentation specifically addressing the differences between the ItemCreated and ItemDataBound events. Here is a snippet of that:

ItemCreated is fired before the item is data-bound. Thus no data is still in the listview item or the controls nested inside it. In ItemDataBound all is available.

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