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hello every one i have just started learning awk and i am facing a problem here is my data

    james         31 
    mary          22 
    john          28

i want to print some thing like this "mary age is 22 "using for loop i have written this code

  for (i=1 ;i<=FNR ;i++)
     FNR == i {print $1 " age is " $2}  

buts its giving me error on the bracket

awk: awk_script.awk: line 5: syntax error at or near { awk: awk_script.awk: line 7: syntax error at or near }

kindly tell me where i am wrong

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You need to remove the for loop. Awk does that automatically.

Given the file called names:


You just need to do this on the command line:

awk -F ',' 'FNR == 2 {print $1 " age is " $2}' names

This will give

mary age is 22 
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you don't have to do complex logic for that. see this example:

kent$  echo "  james         31 
dquote>     mary          22 
dquote>     john          28
dquote> "|awk 'BEGIN{OFS=" age is "}$1=$1'

james age is 31
mary age is 22
john age is 28
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