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I have a line chart in ZedGraph. The data is coming from serial port every second. The chart is running. But do not roll (scroll) on the X axis and is compressed in the left corner. I need the chart scroll from right to left and the date and time appear in the X axis

 #region 2 mm zed2mm
            GraphPane myPane02m=zed2mm.GraphPane;
            myPane02m.Title.Text="Particle Counter: 2μm";

            // X AXIS SETTINGS

            myPane02m.XAxis.Title.Text="Date & Time";
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.Family="Arial, Narrow";
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.FontSpec.IsBold = false;
            myPane02m.XAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;
            myPane02m.YAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;
            myPane02m.XAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 15;
            myPane02m.YAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 15;
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.IsPreventLabelOverlap = false;
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Format = "HH:mm:ss\nyy/MM/dd";

            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Min = new XDate(DateTime.Now);       // We want to use time from now
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Max = new XDate(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(5));        // to 5 min per default
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MinorUnit = DateUnit.Second;         // set the minimum x unit to time/seconds
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MajorUnit = DateUnit.Minute;         // set the maximum x unit to time/minutes

            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MinorStep = 1;
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MajorStep = 50;

            myPane02m.XAxis.MinorTic.IsAllTics = true;
            myPane02m.XAxis.MajorTic.IsOpposite = true;
            myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.IsSkipCrossLabel = false;

            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MinGrace = 0;
            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MaxGrace = 0;

            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MinorUnit = DateUnit.Second;
            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.MajorUnit = DateUnit.Minute;

            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Min = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(-60).ToOADate();
            //myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Max = DateTime.Now.ToOADate();

            // Save 6000 points. At 50 ms sample rate, this is one minute
            // The RollingPointPairList is an efficient storage class that always
            // keeps a rolling set of point data without needing to shift any data values
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_1=new RollingPointPairList(6000);
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_2=new RollingPointPairList(6000);
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_3=new RollingPointPairList(6000);
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_4=new RollingPointPairList(6000);
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_5=new RollingPointPairList(6000);
            RollingPointPairList lista02m_6=new RollingPointPairList(6000);

            // Initially, a curve is added with no data points (list is empty)
            // Color is blue, and there will be no symbols
            LineItem curve02m_1=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID 01",lista02m_1,Color.Red,SymbolType.Circle);

            LineItem curve02m_2=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID_02",lista02m_2,Color.Blue,SymbolType.Diamond);

            LineItem curve02m_3=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID_03",lista02m_3,Color.Black,SymbolType.Plus);

            LineItem curve02m_4=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID_04",lista02m_4,Color.BurlyWood,SymbolType.Star);

            LineItem curve02m_5=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID_05",lista02m_5,Color.Chartreuse,SymbolType.TriangleDown);

            LineItem curve02m_6=myPane02m.AddCurve("ID_06",lista02m_6,Color.Coral,SymbolType.Square);
            // Sample at 50ms intervals

            // Scale the axes

            // Redraw the axes

            // Save the beginning time for reference
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zed2mm.IsShowHScrollBar = true;
zed2mm.IsAutoScrollRange = true;

For more information see IsAutoScrollRangeProperty and IsShowHScrollBarProperty

For autoscrolling you have to scroll by hand when new data comes in (or your timer elapses):

double xRange = myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Max - myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Min;
myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Max = new XDate(DateTime.Now);
myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Min = myPane02m.XAxis.Scale.Max - xRange;
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Ok, I added the code. – SpeziFish Oct 7 '11 at 7:42
You have to put the added code into your "timer1_Tick"-function, not in the constructor. Because every time, when new data comes in, you have to update the Min and Max. – SpeziFish Oct 7 '11 at 12:10
1. Easily stop your timer after 5 minutes. 2. You have to create a csv-file, go through your date and fill it into the columns of your csv-file. – SpeziFish Oct 10 '11 at 11:40
The reason for the ugly jumps is, that zedgraph automatically resets the basetic each time. I had the same problem some time ago, but I don't know the solution anymore... I think it has something to do with XAxis.Scale.BaseTic and I had to change the sourcecode of zedgraph to achieve this behaviour. It's generally a good idea, to look into the sourcecode, so you better understand, what zedgraph is doing. – SpeziFish Oct 10 '11 at 13:49
Regarding your excel-issue: the comments are not the place to ask completely new questions. Make a new question and more people will notice it. – SpeziFish Oct 10 '11 at 13:51

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