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What is the best way to bundle logback in an ear application. The application encaspulates web applications (war files) and ejb modules? By having the logback.xml in the web application I only get logs from that application but not from the ejb modules. Is theer some best practices for this scenarios?


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It's best to keep it in one of the jars inside an ear. Ideally, you could have a special jar for internal configuration — your properties, Spring metadata (if any), etc.; that would be a perfect place to keep logback.xml as well.

Same goes for the logback library, too — it should be shared, it's easier to manage it like that.

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I agree. Also, you may package this special jar packaged inside ear's lib directory exploded. This way, you may change this file easily.

Note: If you plan to change the logback.xml files dynamically without the need to redeploy, you may insert scan="true" in logback.xml

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