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#include <stdio.h>

class MyClass { 

  void Foo(const int par);  }; 

void MyClass::Foo(const int par) { } 

main()  {    MyClass A;    A.Foo(1);  }

Anyone can help me? What is wrong with my code? This is the error I get when compiling with gcc:

error: ‘void MyClass::Foo(int)’ is private
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Class members and class member functions are by default private, meaning they can only be accesed by methods of the same class and friends.

class MyClass {  

  // members declared here will be private


  // members declared here will be public
  void Foo(const int par); 


  // private

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Methods are private by default. Use

public: void Foo(const int par);

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Methods are only private by default if they belong to a class. For a struct (which can also have methods in C++), the default access level is public. – Björn Pollex Oct 6 '11 at 7:21

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