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It is possible to filter by keys when accessing a view from a couchapp application (see this question):

$.couch.db("MyDocuments").view("MyDesign/MyView", {
    success: function(data) {
    error: function(status) {
    key: ['Michael','2011-08-02'],
    reduce: false

Now, how would I use that key when I am only interested in one of the fields? (but the view is emitting both: the view is not changing)

I have tried:

    key: ['Michael',{}],


    key: ['Michael',''],

But none of them seem to work.

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startkey: ['Michael'],
endkey: ['Michael',{}]

This will find all rows where the first element is 'Michael'.

This works because of the collation rules (detailed below) that dictate how array keys are ordered.


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