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I have created virtual keyboard. Its showning bottom of the screen.I want to display my keyboard near the EditText without adjust screen size & not bottom of the screen.

For example I have list of product , that list contain EditText.When User click on that EditText that virtual keyboard should display left/right of EditText. IS it possible to do this?

Second question is: How we can change android keyboard gravity or layout width pragmatically? is it possible to change it?

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If you find a solution to this, please post it! –  Graeme Jan 5 '12 at 9:52
I couldn't find the solution for this. I did using popupwindow numeric pad like calculator. –  Piraba Jan 6 '12 at 10:59

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It is possible to change it but not easily.

You can use this:


As a view which will contain your keyboard. You must then, in your Activity, create a Keyboard object to attach to it, you can either create your own using xml (as I have below) or there are several ways to instantiate LatinIME or other classes which extend Keyboard as a standard system keyboard.

Keyboard mKeyboard = new Keyboard(context, R.xml.function);

I could write a whole article on how to use your own keyboard effectively but hopefully this will give you enough of a clue to be able to look up tutorials on your own.

This example should give you alot of help though.

Good luck!

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